Problems and issues from the past are often brought back to the fore without our conscious awareness. Many times, these issues seem unexplainable, or seem not to have a logical cause. In these cases, the root of the problem may actually be found in a past lifetime. Similar to conventional therapy, in which issues are traced to their origin, past life regression therapy involves “regressing” (meaning moving backward, by means of a guided imagery hypnosis) an individual to a past life. In this state, people re-experience the key events of that lifetime and are able to release any emotional blocks related to those events that are causes problems in the current lifetime.

 Therefore, past life regression extends the scope of examining and healing the past in order to impact the present. Even if one believes that the “memories” that come up  did not actually occur in a past life, the remembered images and events serve as symbolic stories and are equally as effective in the healing process.

Past life regression therapy is becoming accepted in the mainstream as an extremely useful therapeutic tool. It can be a rapid approach to bring up material in a single or just a few sessions, that might otherwise take many months of traditional counseling to address. And it can be useful, as well, for those who would not otherwise consider themselves in need of counseling or therapy service — people who want to expand their experience, draw upon inner wisdom, and connect with loved ones across the ages.

Rita Feldman is certified as a past life regressionist by Dolores Cannon, one of the world’s premier authorities in the field.

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