Break out of unconscious cycles

Each of us is a link in a chain spanning countless generations.

It is not surprising that at times we are “paying off the debts” of our ancestors by reliving their lives’ patterns. What unconscious forces compel us to repeat the joyful and the traumatic events of our hidden family histories? This therapy explores our profound, never-ending relationship to our past through the popular Family Constellations method developed by the German philosopher-psychologist Bert Hellinger.

Family Constellations provide insight into the secrets of our family history, brings to light interconnections across generations, and helps us break out of the unconscious cycle of our family history that may keep us from reaching our true potential and experiencing real happiness.

The Family Constellation method effectively addresses:

  • relationship problems
  • career issues
  • business and financial difficulties
  • bodily pain and illness
  • depression
  • habitual emotional and behavioral patterns

Systemic constellations are a way of working with issues within human systems. Developed by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, this therapy originally focused on family systems to disclose the deeper forces that unknowingly influence our thoughts, behaviors, and emotional experiences through multiple generations. Family Constellations create a model of the family system to reveal and transform hidden patterns that are difficult to understand and change.

Systemic Constellations explore ways for understanding our relationships as well as giving us options to resolve our most complicated problems.

Systemic Constellations take place in an energy field that connects family, ancestors, organizational members, the natural world and all of humanity. This “knowing field” is a very well known phenomenon that was thoroughly studied and described by such scientists as Rupert Sheldrake and Dr. Albrecht Mahr. It is a conscious energy that we can enter to experience the feelings and sensations that mirror those of the real family members, and everyone and everything to which we are connected. There is a special technique that allows a facilitator of a Family Constellation to read and understand the hidden dynamics that sometimes accompany and complicate a life of a family members through the generations.

During the process, we search for possible solutions that can release entanglements and restore order and balance to the family system. Exploring what is hidden in our family system can help  us to heal our deepest wounds.

Rita Feldman’s first experience of a Systemic Constellations was with Bert Hellinger himself in 2008 during his last visit to America. Rita is the natural healer, she was working with the subtle energy fields for years, and she became extremely interested in this innovative approach to the hidden dynamics that influence our lives. She entered, and successfully finished a studying program at the Hellinger DC Institute at Washington DC. As a continuing education, she took part in a numerous seminars and International conferences with the famous Systemic Constellations teachers and trainers from all over the world. Now she is working with the clients on a regular basis, helping them to find a solution to a difficult issues that complicate a normal flow of their lives.

Family Constellation therapy can be used for a wide variety of problems, including physical, mental, social, or spiritual issues. This therapeutic method can help us overcome problems like anxiety, addictions, physical illnesses and symptoms, financial problems, negative relationship patterns, relationships between  parents and children, past trauma, bad habits, failure at work and other areas of one’s life, grief, obsessive thoughts, excessive guilt.

If you’ve struggled to find the root of persistent issues in your own life or in the life of your family, the Systemic Constellations therapy may be the perfect solution for you. You can identify the source of your problems and work through them. Enjoying a fulfilling life with lasting relationships and healthy household dynamics is possible – all you need are the right tools and understanding.

Rita Feldman is a certified Family Constellation facilitator, trained by The Hellinger Institute of Washington DC

Sessions range from $100-$150, depending on the individual’s needs.