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Advanced Skin Care

This is a skin care practice that goes deep beyond the surface to restore and rejuvenate the whole of your being.  Here you will experience the latest advances in the field of skin care combined with an unparalleled intuitive understanding of your individual health and beauty needs. Rita’s Touch also offers services in some of the most time tested and respected holistic healing techniques and systems.

Energy Healing

It has become widely accepted that we are more than just the material body. We exist fundamentally as energy, and therefore the root of many issues of poor health and imbalance can be found and healed at the level of energy.

Rita’s Touch offers two forms of energy healing, Reiki and Reconnective Healing

Family Constellation Therapy

Each of us is a link in a chain spanning countless generations. It is not surprising that at times we are “paying off the debts” of our ancestors by reliving their lives’ patterns. What unconscious forces compel us to repeat the joyful and the traumatic events of our hidden family histories?

Past Life Regression

Problems and issues from the past are often brought back to the fore without our conscious awareness. Many times, these issues seem unexplainable, or seem not to have a logical cause. In these cases, the root of the problem may actually be found in a past lifetime.