You probably exercise your body to look and feel better and healthier. But do you exercise your face?

Well, you should! The basic principle of facial yoga is—work out your face just as you would work out your body—with a series of controlled movements designed to isolate and reshape an individual muscle or muscle group. Exercising the muscles of the face and neck is extremely beneficial to laying the groundwork for a youthful complexion . Because the muscles of the face and neck are smaller than most other muscles of the body, they respond very quickly to exercise. As a  result, the facial yoga regimen will erase years of aging in just weeks. With regular practice in conjunction with a proactive skin care regimen and professional services of a knowledgeable esthetician, you will maintain that youthful, healthful, radiant look for years to come.

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Rita Feldman will guide you, step by step through all the positions of the exercise program. Her expertise and counsel will ensure that you are performing the positions correctly, and not doing anything that may have adverse effects.

1st Session (1hr) $75

Refresher Session $25